Major Upgrade to support systems and tools.

As we, (hopefully), place the immediate threats of the pandemic behind us, it is clear that the environment we now find ourselves in, will be just as challenging.
To survive and even flourish in these times means, we have to be:

Fearless, Flexible and Efficient.

I use the term FEARLESS: in relation to SECURITY:
The IT world has become a very unsafe environment to work in. With Ransomware and Industrial Espionage at the forefront of the challenges facing us, we have to be aware of the potential threats, but not be scared to innovate.
We need to have the tools, techniques and security culture at our disposal to ensure we can be flexible and efficient in our daily business and not fear our attackers.

As an IT company – we are seeing security providers across the horizon recognise the issues and stand up to the mark. Anti-virus is a given now, and most providers have a reasonable AV offering to protect us from all the common one-off viruses.
The focus today is on bad actors (The bad guys who attack us) and more importantly, WHEN they attack. It is increasingly common for a bad actor to infiltrate the organisation (mostly through poor password strengths), and sit and watch the activities of the organisation before striking.
They identify where the money flows, or where they can cause most disruption and then put in place scams and reansomeware that will cripple the business.
Security Providers are providing more subtle and detail on these threats along with the tools to combat them.

We now strongly recommend two factor authentication on PC accounts, (and especially on email accounts). This coupled with disk encryption on mobile laptop devices can play a large part in protecting your business.
There are many new levels where we can enforce security. We can remove threats before they enter your network and PC, We can isolate troublesome devices, detect ransomeware attacks before they get a hold and prevent users visiting dangerous websites. All these services are now available through the improvements in what is termed End-Point Protection services.
To this end we are raising the bar on our Security offerings and are offering other services for you to choose from such as analysis and outbreak identification services to maintain the security of your business amongst others.

FLEXIBLE – Monitoring:
As your business grows it is important that you keep your devices up-to-date and running efficiently. If changes are required to your devices we should be able to initiate many of these without you having to take time out of your busy schedule to work with us.
Our new monitoring agents can execute tasks, schedule out of hours updates and run maintenance and installation tasks without the need to co-ordinate your cooperation on the device.
The agent provides us with many key performance stats about your PC and can help us quickly diagnose ongoing issues.
It is self updating and self monitoring so therefore more reliable than previous versions. It is this tool that allow us to remove the old AV and replace it with the new AV without bothering you.

For more advanced control over your systems we are now specialising in Microsoft EndPoint Manager. This is an advanced tool that allows us to completely control, update and even rebuild your PC remotely, without the need to bring it in to the office. It provides complete flexibility of device and transfers all your programs, data and user preferences from machine to machine, seamlessly. All this and more is available with a small increase in your monthly subscriotion licence.
If you require Cyber Essentials or Cyber Esentials+ accreditation for your contracts, then this is the only real solution to obtain and maintain that standard.

The flexibility these features provide reduces the down time and opens up flexible working for all in a safer environment.

Removing the shackles of the office domain and on-premise server, allows that increase of efficiency that we now find ourselves requiring.
Being able to work from home, Cafes and office makes us more efficient and reduces costs for seldom used desk space.

Finally – we are moving away from the old industry standard, Teamviewer remote access tool, we have used for many years. This is to ensure more flexible but stable service levels which we require going forward.
We are introducing a new tool called ConnectWise. It is an internationally recognised product that allows for all the features we had previously and more. Mainly – it will integrate with our In-House development of the agent and provide more stable connections, and it will not be prone to third party support suppliers knocking off our settings.

As from today (25/10/2021) all agents that are online will be automatically updated to the new Version of the Agent.
We will be calling you up over the coming weeks to ensure all your devices are getting updated appropriately.

We are looking forward to a new era of IT support and hope we can travel onwards in our partnership with you for many years to come.
Dave Mitchell
(Operations Director – Cutler IT)