Basic Homeworker

Getting started with home working.
The basic requirements for working effectively from home.
The concept of home worker and what is needed to work from home effectively.

To work from home is simpler than you may think, and this is how you do it.


First lets consider what working from home should be.
Working from home should provide you with an experience that is the same as sitting in work in front of your normal PC/Desktop accessing all the tools and resources you need to do your work. For this, you will need the following:

  • A Laptop/desktop PC at home. (Due to increased Cyber attacks against homeworkers we can no longer support your own home devices.)
    We cannot offer support on YODs (Your Own Devices) as we cannot control the security access and protection for these. You should use a supported professional device only.
  • A broadband connection with an up and down speed of over 2Mbits/sec. The faster the better.
  • A router at work, don’t worry you all have one. If you have a Draytek – that’s great.
  • Your PC at work to which you can connect to.

So “How does it work?”

This is the process of connecting to work.

  • Check you have the internet.
  • Arrange for us to configure your set up.
  • Once configured you click on an icon on your desktop and click ‘Connect’
  • This connects your home pc to the office through a highly secure encrypted tunnel. This way no-one can watch you work.
    [Note: WE DO NOT use PPTP connections – they are no longer secure. L2TP with a preshared key is the best minimum.
  • Once connected to the office you click another icon on your desktop that allows you to log on to your office PC just like you would in the morning.
  • Now you have access to all your programs. Email, Word, Excel, Sage etc.

If you work only with your laptop and use it to only to access a server say, then you simply use stage one of the above process. However, remember that programs such as Sage and some databases will not work in this mode as broadbands are often slow or speed is not guaranteed . To use them you should access your work PC and do it through that route.

That is how simple it is to work from home.

Call us to have this set up. During these difficult times we are not charging for PCs that are under support. (i.e. have a CIT number) for non supported PCs such as home machines, we are charging £35+vat. This would normally be £90.

With our AntVirus for protection, secure login and remote Remote access tool for ongoing support, we can provide you with a professional, secure environment to work from during the pandemic.