A combination of ‘on premise’ and ‘cloud’

Getting the best from both worlds.
Sometimes the use of cloud service to supplement or compliment on premise equipment can really add value to the overall solution.
Some of our most common hybrid scenarios:

Hosted Exhange

Use of an on premise server for file storage and user permissions combined with e-mail in the cloud on our ‘Hosted Exchange’ platform or through Microsoft’s ‘Office 365’ portfolio of services. This brings the speed benefits of a site server combined with the resilience of the hosted e-mail platform. It ultimately removes the need to manage e-mails on site meaning a more affordable server can be provided.

Our Datacenter

By locating a customer servers in our datacentre location, we were able to offer the functionality and flexibility associated with an on premise server, while taking advantage of the resilience and disaster recovery options that go hand in hand with a datacentre based solution.

Cloud Based Backup

Providing our customers with a ‘cloud’ based server backup has proved very popular. Removing the hassle and responsibility of swapping external drives on site. Because we store our customer’s data at a local datacentre, we are able to physically retrieve data if required.

Hybrid Setup

Some of our more simple ‘hybrid’ set ups allow us to filter e-mails for SPAM and viruses before they get to any on premise systems or our e-mail archiving service, which keeps a copy and record of all incoming and outgoing email.