IT Infrastructure Solutions

Working together with the leading technology providers in the IT industry
By leveraging partnerships with key hardware and software vendors and combining this with our own in house engineering expertise we are able to build an IT platform to underpin your business process.

Our solutions are designed with reliable components we know will work both now and in the future.

Whether ‘on premise’ is the right approach depends on the specific circumstances and there is certainly no one size fits all. Which is why we would always prefer to visit and to get a better understanding of your business, processes and existing infrastructure.

Some scenarios where we have found ‘on premise’ to be the preferred approach:

  • Majority of people using systems are at one main site
  • Internet connections are slow, unreliable or expensive (depending on the location)
  • Price – hardware and software on site can still be the most cost effective approach, especially if payments can be spread on an IT finance agreement
  • Large documents, files and applications require sharing such as photo’s or video
  • Reasonably static requirements. If there is no requirement to significantly increase or decrease the scale of the solution
  • Greater than 5 users. Realistically the economies of scale required to justify an on premise server start at around 5 users.
  • Legal or regulatory restrictions. Some industries have strict codes of practice determining how and where data can be stored and managed

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