BTNET Outage (Sheffield)

Friday 20th January 2023 :
Apologies to our clients. The BT Network failed again this morning in our area and to top that, when it came back up it required a reset in our firewall router.
This reset appears to have damaged the router irreparably and we have had to replace it with a temporary spare.
During the time we were down we were running a very sparse response server and for this we apologise.
Normal service has been restored and we are now assessing how we can prevent this from happening again.


Dave Mitchell – Director of Operations, Cutler IT


Wednesday 18th January 2023:

There was a generalised loss of service for BTNET BT customers in the Sheffield area, which cumulated in a total loss of service in many areas around 4:15 in the afternoon.
Service was restored around 5pm.