Cyber Attacks – Raise Your Awareness

In the wake of world events we feel that all businesses should be focussing keenly on the security of their systems.
The best defence by far, is employee awareness of malware in emails.
It is possible to run awareness testing of your staff by conducting email campaigns to safely test their susceptibility to scams and malicious emails.

We believe the threat within the SME business community will only increase in the coming months and you should be aware and prepared the best you can.
Disruption of business at this time can be critical to any firm.
There are multiple attacks everyday on large, medium and small businesses. SME’s are keenly targeted by hackers.

See this link for some of the attacks that have occurred in 2022 already.

Our focus is very much security orientated. Please contact us if you wish to discuss a security review or becoming a Cyber Essential Accredited company.

Recent incidents:

Toyota Closes down

Toyota to shut down all 14 of its factories in Japan on Tuesday after a possible cyber-attack.

News site Nikkei, which first reported the shutdown, said supplier Kojima Industries Corporation suspected it had been hit by a cyber-attack, causing a halt in production.

Japanese factories account for about a third of Toyota’s production.

Gloucester Council cyber attack linked to Russian hackers (unknown)

U.S. Banks 
Feb 27 (Reuters) – U.S. banks are preparing for retaliatory cyber attacks after Western nations slapped a raft of stringent sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine,